NK Cell Therapy

What is NK Cells ?

NK cells are type of lymphoid cell essential for innate immune system that provide rapid responses to virus infected cells and tumour formation in the absence of prior activation.

Cancers and viral infections developed evasion to avoid T cell recognition but NK cells are able to kill affected cells by distinguishing them from the normal cells. Hence, increasing the number of NK cells may enhance its function and treat diseases like cancer more effectively.

NK cells will not cause side effects as they do not attach healthy cells and will only target infected cells and mutated cells through identifying the lost of MHC I.

What is NK Cells Therapy ?

A safe autologous treatment to boost immune response.

That is why an entire new science of Regenerative Medicine is attracting so much attention. After all, if we could fill all our organs with happy, healthy and energetic stem cells (biological allograft), imagine how long and strong we could live.


What is the benefits of NK Cells Therapy ?

Immediate benefits:
– Fight against infectious diseases by detect and destroy cells that infected by viruses, bacteria, parasites and pathogens.

Long-term benefits:
– Reduce risk of cancer by destroy and remove mutated cells / cancerous cells in the body.

How effective is NK Cells in killing cancer cells ?

2 billion NK cells can averagely kill 833 millions cancer cells in 2 hours and 140 billions cancer cells in 2 weeks.